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About us


Over 25 years of experience in the induction heating

NIT is a company based in the province of Parma, founded by a team of engineers and technicians with over 25 years of experience in induction heating process equipment.
With passion and dedication we have acquired excellent competence in the pipeline sector by collaborating with the major companies in our area.

We have developed and sold a series of advantageous products also for the industrial sector embracing various branches where induction heating can be a valid alternative to other obsolete and dangerous heating systems such as open flame.
Our team, supported by a broad technical background, can recommend the best solution by dedicating the maximum attention to any customer.

Thanks to our skills and continuous investments in research and development we are able to provide a complete range of pre-heating solutions. welding, field joint coating, FBE application, demagnetization unit, industrial plants, heat treatment for pipes and related accessories 

0 Countries in which our products operate
0 Projects completed since 2018
0% investment in research and development every year
0MW total working power machines delivered
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