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Demagnetization-Heat treatments and much more..

) Demagnetization-Heat treatments and much more..

Our services

Our equipment is integrated and used in the following applications
- Welding
- Heat Treatments
- Welding preheatings
- Field Joint Coating
- Special industrial coating
- Coating removal
- Brazing
- Bonding
- Curing
- Shrinking fitting
- Merger
- Hardening
- Forging
- Stress relieve
- Post heating treatments
- EMS simulations
- Maintenance and repairs of pipeline equipment for induction heating
- Spare parts and technical support for the most common induction heating pipeline equipment- Electronic design and         automation - Rental and technical assistance 24h 7/7



0 Countries in which our products operate
0 Projects completed since 2018
0% investment in research and development every year
0MW total working power machines delivered
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